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Recreate a vlookup formula from excel in alteryx designer

7 - Meteor

I am comparing two variables from two different data sets to make sure they match. If they are identical I would like to obtain a unique number found within one of the data sets and create a new column.


Can you demonstrate how this could be recreated using the join tool?

14 - Magnetar

This would be easy to demonstrate with some sample data if you could share that. I encourage you open the example workflow for the Join, just right click on the tool.



13 - Pulsar

Hi @avilla34 


In addition to @gabrielvilella suggestion there is also some resources provided by Alteryx for excel users; https://www.alteryx.com/resources/product-guides/alteryx-excel


Vlookups are down near the bottom.

7 - Meteor


I am attaching an excel sheet that contains the sample data you requested. We would like to match the values from column S in the SCR tab with the values from column A in the ASL tab to produce the values that are in column U in the ASL tab to column AA in the SCR tab. We would like for the AA column to be autofilled automatically like excel.


Currently, we use excel using a vlookup formula "=VLOOKUP(S2,'ASL'!A:AV,21,FALSE)"


How can we do this using the join tool, or any tool that could apply within alteryx?


Any help you can provide would be greatly appreciated!! 

17 - Castor

Hi @avilla34 


Bring both tabs in as inputs and use the join tool to join on the supplier ID field. Like others have mentioned above, there are plenty of resources to help. You'll get much more out of it doing it yourself versus someone giving you the answer. Give it a go and attach your workflow here if you run into any issues. 

14 - Magnetar

When working is Alteryx, use the table headers to reference the fields you want rather than AA, U. I attached the workflow here.