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Python Code will be deleted after a while

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Hello guys,


I have a problem with my workflow. After my vacation I wanted to run through my workflow, but he gave me an error that the notebook is empty....

I was wondering why because I saved the Python Tool and the workflow. Then I tried to open the notebook and get the 404 Error. Today I have the same problem after saving it yesterday. The python tool was empty again and the same error disappear. I don't understand it. 
Can you help me please?

Thank you

13 - Pulsar

Hi @Inactive User 


What version of Alteryx are you running? The below is for slightly older versions




EDIT - also found this discussion that may help -

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Hi @DavidSkaife 

Thanks for your response. My version is 2022.1 and I have read the discussion. I think that it is a problem which Alteryx has to fix. Because a lot of people have the same problem... 

7 - Meteor

@Inactive User @DavidSkaife I'm also having this problem.  This is a serious problem that should be fixed.  As far as running the workflow without clicking on any of the python tools, this is simply not a good solution.

7 - Meteor

@Inactive User Yes, they should fix this.