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Pull one tab from multiple excel files into one workbook

7 - Meteor

Hi All,

Appreciate your assistance in advance. I have a few hundred files all in the same folder - all of which have a tab called 21Sale. I need to pull each of those tabs into one file and have them renamed somehow. I have looked through many posts and found some helpful articles but can't seem to make anything work. Any guidance would be appreciated. 




Hi @Processcreator 


If the sheets have the same schema, you can then use something like the below:



Directory tool: You will point it to the folder where your files live. It will list the full path of each file

Formula tool: You can use it to build the path so it looks only at sheet 21Sale

Dynamic Input: Will loop thru the hundred files you have to stack 21Sale data - You will need to give it an example and set it to run thru the different files.


If the schema is different, then you will need a batch macro instead of the Dynamic Input. 

Hope that helps. Cheers!