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Publish To Tableau Server Tool problems

5 - Atom

Hello -


Just downloaded this tool and have been trying to get it to work.  Having 2 issues with it:


1. We work on VM's, on 1 VM when I select "refresh project name list" and run it, it populates with the list of project names fine.  On another VM, when I do the same exact thing, it does not populate the drop down at all.  They are both running same/newest verison of Alteryx.


2. On the VM that is working, I was able to publish the TDE fine the first time, no problems.  However, when I now select "Overwrite source" in the output options and run again after making some changes to my workflow, I get the folliowing error:


    Publish to Tableau Server (7)    Tool #592: Record #1: Tool #99: Cannot access file: D:\Temp\Engine\Engine_5664_657a04bb30cf496c873431dd5b2b723b_\Lead_Routing_Test.tde


Any idea what might be causing this?  I have ensured the D: drive is shared so don't think its a permissions issue w/ the server trying to read from the drive, but not 100% sure.  Any help is appreciated since this will be a very helpful tool if we can get it to work.  Thanks!



6 - Meteoroid

Just happened to me too!!! I was so confused because it wasn't grayed out! Of course I realized after I emailed the whole team! Smh... Anyway- thanks smart people! 

8 - Asteroid

Just curious...I don't have an issue when running on Desktop...but it fails to overwrite when I run on server. Anyone else have that issue?