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Pivot Table in Alteryx

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Hi , 


I am attempting to create a pivot table in alteryx. i read other threads and it seems the summarize tool is useful. I gave it a try and it does everything i need except put the "invoice description" under the ISO DBA name (screen shot attached)  any ideas on how to do that ? Example of what i need is also attached. 



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Create a separate data streaming using another Summarize Tool without the invoice description Column. (Copy Paste Current tool, Delete Invoice Description)


This Summarize tool will give you the values needed for your Header Rows.


Use a formula tool to create a invoice description Column Set equal to the ISO DBA name column.


Use a Union tool To combine your two data streams back together.


You may need an additional flag field for your header data.


Sort on the ISO DBA Name column and flag field then use a select tool to remove these columns.


Please reach out if you have any questions.

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Here's an example using unrelated data.