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Parse digits from the right side of string

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I have some text coming in with no real pattern.  I'm trying to parse the digits from the right side that very in length from 2+ digits. Is there a regex or formula I could use to achieve this?  TIA



2019 Test & Affiliates 2020 Letter -  12345678 GREENVILLE12345678
2020 Test - TEST & test 123456123456
Test Partners LP & Affiliates 2020 Letter - 87654321 Greenville87654321
2019Test - TEST & test 654321654321
TEST & Affiliates 2020 Letter -   23456789 Raleigh23456789
Test_ Inc. 2020 Letter - 8327 VA BEACH8327
2021TEST - Test Partners & Affiliates 80208020
Test test 2020 Letter - 8368 VA BEACH8368

Hi @BonusCup 


I did it as described below






Hope this helps. Cheers!



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@christine_assaad thanks so much for your help.  I added onto your regex with some 'or' statements. I found there were some missed due to an underscore instead of a hyphen and a space with neither a hyphen or an underscore.




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@christine_assaad I pulled in more data and found some that did not come across correct.  We are trying to get this field standardized but for now are having to deal with a field that is manually entered.  Thanks again for your help


sourcedesired.*-.*?(\d+).*? OUTPUT
Test_LLC & Test 2020 Letter _ 80161790 Greenville80161790NULL
Test & Test 2020 Letter _ 450791 VA BEACH450791NULL
Test, Inc. Letter 2921504 AUGUSTA2921504NULL
Test Electric_ Inc 2020 Letter 80134459 Tampa80134459NULL
Test Group & Affiliates 2021 Test Letter _  80149235 ROCKVILLE80149235NULL
Test Test 2020 Letter_80111447 Raleigh80111447NULL
Test Test Ltd 2022 Test Letter – 80184089 AUGUSTA80184089NULL
Test Test Dtd 9-14-11 & Affiliates 2020 Test Letter _ 80115188 Raleigh8011518811
236-238 Test 52nd Street_ LLC & Affiliates 2020 Test Letter _  80126588 CORAL GABLES (4)80126588238
Test Test Tr DTD 12-15-1993 & Affiliates 2020 Test Letter _ 80166853 Austin801668531993
Test Test Tr 12-15-1993 & Affiliates 2021 Test Letter _  80151116  ROCKVILLE801511162015
1040 Test Test - Test Test (2018 Extension) & Test Name 80152406801524062018
Test Group & Affiliates 2020 Test Letter _ 80165634 AUSTIN80165634NULL
Item TE-T Test Group 2020 Test Letter 80177931 AUGUSTA801779312020
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How does this look? 


the column desired is the one which you've provided.



I'm not a Regex expert but this seems to work.





Hope this helps :)

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@KrishnaChithrathil , thank you.  This seems to work.  For my own knowledge, can you please describe what each section of the expression does?


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@christine_assaad this appears to also work.  Can you describe what each section of the expression is doing?



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Hey @BonusCup 


There is a Regex website that can help you with understanding it - which has a handy explanation section:






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Hey @DavidSkaife. thanks for sharing this useful information. That link gonna go straight to my bookmarks. 😄


@BonusCup you can refer the explanation provided by @DavidSkaife.

Lemme also explain it from my end.


.* - some random things appearing in our string.

[\s\_] - this will check the presence of any whitespace or underscore before the digits we want.

(\d) - this will return a single digit like in the image below.(if we don't give \d+). That's why I gave (\d+)



You can also try with more other inputs and please modify the regex accordingly if it's not working.


*Please mark all the post you seemed working, as a solution. This will help others as well.