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Out of Memory despite setting adjustment

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Hi All,


I am uploading a small volume of data (22 rows and 8 columns to be precise) into a SQL database.  I keep getting an 'out of memory' message.  I have already played around with the user settings and increased the memory limit to 1024 MB.  Has anyone else ever come across this and how did you resolve?


Many Thanks



10 - Fireball

@Bushra_Akhtar  What is your machine's memory? normally Alteryx will use 25% (1/4) of the memory limit.

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I have the same issue. Did you reach a solution for this yet?

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I actually was able to resolve this. The issue was that the Alteryx data types were bigger in size as compared to the database dtypes. So, just ensure they're the same size and re-upload. 

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I actually just encountered this error and resolved it.  The reason the error was popping up for me was that there was a join where records were null records were continually joining.  I didn't realize it until I saw how big the record count was getting.


Something to check just in case you have a data set that has null records potentially joining to other null records and creating a large Cartesian issue.

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This was the solution; not the other speculative garbage.


In SQL, look at your table you are "inserting into"; use script to create table statement to get the schema. Make sure in a preceding Select tool, you match the datatype and length exactly.


This worked for me!

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My problem was not using the select tool to align field width to the database field width. Thanks @fluteman