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Older Versions of Workflows in Alteryx Gallery - Studio

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Is there a way to download older versions of workflows in Alteryx Studio?


In Alteryx Gallery (private), there is an option to download older versions of workflows -> can we do the same in Alteryx Gallery (public) for Alteryx Studio?



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I am trying to install the OneDrive Tools (!app/OneDrive-Tools/) into my Alteryx Designer (2020.1.2.24185). I am receiving the error, "This workflow was created by a more recent version of Alteryx, and may contain tools or functionality not present in this version. Alteryx does not support using an earlier version of Alteryx to open a workflow created with a newer version. For best results, download the latest version of Alteryx."



Is there another way of accomplishing this task?


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Hi @Brian_Stoffel 


This post might help you in downgrading. How to downgrade .yxmd(Workflow), .yxmc(Macro), .yxwz(Analytic app) file types 


Hope this helps 🙂

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The pictures in this post didn't load for me but I got the idea and it seemed to have worked. Thanks!