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Named Entity Recognition - How to Deal with Errors

8 - Asteroid

I am using the Named Entity Recognition tool to identify People, Organisations and Dates from a PDF input. 


It had not initially been picking up all the names I expected - so I have added them as extra Custom Entities for People and Organisations.


But now, some of the dates are being labelled as MONEY rather than DATE and I can't figure out why. This sometimes happens where the date is in the format 13 December 2022, but not always.


Is there also a prioritisation as to what would get picked up first e.g. whether "Managing Agency" would be picked up as ORG or just "Agency" which is what I have been seeing?

12 - Quasar

Hi @PeterAP 


It will be good that you attach some sample data, because when you wrote about "Managing Agency" or "Agency" it is hard to visualise what you are talking about.