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Microsoft Onedrive Tools seem to not work, even after following Alteryx tutorial

15 - Aurora
15 - Aurora

I am currently trying to get the Microsoft Onedrive tools working - and have been following this tutorial by @JakeS (

I have the latest version of the tools, and just for sanity going to take you through the steps on the tutorial that I have taken as documented in the tool mastery:

1. Go to the Azure Application Registration Portal

2. When prompted, sign in with your account credentials.



3. Select "New Registration":

4. This will prompt you to enter a name for the application, the supported account types, and the redirect URI. Select either of the multitenant options (You may have to work with your Azure admin to determine which will be best for you) and enter as the redirect URI. This is required for the OneDrive tools to connect.



5. Once the app is created, an application ID will automatically be created. This is the Client ID that is used in Alteryx to login to the app:



6. If you are using the application for a OneDrive Business account (organization account) you will need to generate a client secret. This will be entered as the Secret Key when logging in from the OneDrive tool in Alteryx:



7. Next, you will have to set permissions for the application. You can access API permissions for the application from the application "overview page":




Business: For OneDrive Business Accounts, you will need both a Client ID as well as a Secret Key that is associated with the application:



Once you provide the application credentials, A new window will pop up, and you will be prompted to log in to an account that has access to the OneDrive:



so all steps appear to be configured correct at this stage, but I get this error:



This suggests it should not be a web application, and instead a single page application as specified in step 4. No problem, I'll go change this:




So i delete the web URL, and add it as a single page:



try again, and i get this error:



Okay so proof key for code exchange is required?


There is so little on the internet about this, the closest being an article stating I need to go back to a 'web' based redirect url: 

Which obviously takes me back to error 1. 


This seems to suggest to me that the tools are just broken/outdated, however as far as I am aware people are still using them. Any advice on this would be massively appreciated!




This is the result of a current known issue with the OneDrive Tools. For anyone else currently experiencing this particular behavior, you can contact Alteryx Support and reference item DE29345.


Hi @TheOC , can you try the new version of the OneDrive tools

Vojta T., PM for Data Connectors
Try our Beta data connectors at