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Market Basket Analysis Run time

6 - Meteoroid

Hi ,


This is the first time I am doing a MB abalysis with file contains 233535 rows , I felt that run time is ver high for this Please suggest me I can Bring down the run time.

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13 - Pulsar
13 - Pulsar

Hi @zuruprem


How long is the run time?


A few ways you could potentially reduce run-time if you haven't done this already is to make sure you remove any unwanted columns before going into the MB analysis tool using a Select tool - You only need max two columns going into the MB tool and you can join back the other columns after if need be.


I also see you are using a CSV file as an input - One great time to improve the read-in time of this csv is to have a module which is just Input (.csv format) - AutoField - Output (to .yxdb format) this will reas through all the records of an input and set the field type to the smallest possible size relative to the data contained within the column rather than the 254 V_String size that will automatically be set by a csv file.


I'd also suggest looking into using the MB Affinity Tool ( rather the MB Inspect & Rules.


Give this a try and let me know how you get on.




Joe Lipski
Alteryx Alumni (Retired)

In addition to @Joe_Lipski's suggestions, you can speed up the MB Rules and MB Inspect tool by setting higher values for minimum levels of support and confidence and a higher minimum for the number of items in a rule or itemset:


MB_Rules.png  MB_Inspect.png



This will not only help reduce the run time, but will also make the report more manageable by focusing on relationships that are likely to be important. A good approach might be:


1) use the MB Affinity tool (which will run faster than the MB Rules - MB Inspect process) for data exploration to identify possible minimum thresholds

2) use the MB Rules and MB Inspect tools with choosen minimums to generate a full analysis





Sean Lopp
Client Services Representative
5 - Atom