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Macro output option: Output fields change based on macro's configuration or data input ???

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Dear all, hello !

In Interface Designer Window of Alteryx, there is a properties view have a option for macro output fields, But I still don’t understand what the help says, can anyone use a simple case comparison to describe the meaning of this option? What is the difference of checked and unchecked? Thank you!



Output fields change based on macro's configuration or data input:
--->Select this option to make the macro remember the output fields from the previous run. To reset the output fields to the default values, change the macro configuration.
--->Select this option if the output fields change based on the data passed to the macro.
--->Do not select this option if the output fields only change based on input fields or question answers.


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Hello @ups366 

Thank you for posting to the Community!
I was able to find a KB article that helps to explain this a little more.
Please check out this Interface Designer Part 1 article!

"If your schema may change based on the data being fed into the macro, select the check box indicating that, and then choose a method to align the fields:


Similar to the Union tool, you can have macro Auto configure the fields by name or position allowing for greater flexibility with your data. These options can be particularly helpful when using the Dynamic Input tool within your macro to open multiple files. These settings should allow the macro to continue opening files regardless of if the schema changes or if field names are slightly different.


The final option in the Properties view is not used nearly as often but allows the user to create a custom Help file or link to be included with the macro."

I hope this helps!


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