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Logic Request

8 - Asteroid

Hi Team,

I need your support on below query.

Please find attached input and required output tab for your reference.

I am tried with cross tab and summarize tools but i am unable to finished this with proper outcome - could you please  help me out on this, thanks.


13 - Pulsar

@Jaganmohan oh! I forgot to mention, you can't actually have multiple fields with the same names. When I use the Join tool, I renamed the new Type column to Type<space space> etc. Everytime I created another join, I renamed it to Type<space space space>. Literally adding another space(s) to the end of type. So to the human eye, it looks like Type, but in reality its like Type _ _. Then the next Type _ _ _, Type _ _ _ _ and so on. Just a way to make field names actually look identical.


8 - Asteroid

Thanks - Added Multiple join tool functionality.
and finally in the select tool i am using your space idea - Thanks for that.



13 - Pulsar

Improved my previous solution to give you a fully dynamic option, incorporating the spaces in the names to give you the correct headers.