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I am looking at Alteryx Designer.  I really like the trial so far.  Can anyone explain how the licensing works?  For example, if someone should leave the company, how can I reassign the license?  The sales team acted like this is the first time they have ever received that question and that if it should happen, it's something their Fulfillment team would need to figure out a "work around".  It sounded absurd to me.  Can anyone with experience set me straight on how the subscription works?




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There are no issues at all if you need to change the email address that is assigned.  The fulfillment team will change it.  You are paying for the license, whoever is tagged to it can be swapped.   They will know better, but I just facilitated it through my sales rep and fulfillment.  It is a good team!

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Thanks for the reply!  


So, there is no central management for a company admin to assign and re-assign licenses?  It has to go through the sales / fulfillment team?  As long as the turn around time for something like this isn't long, I don't have a problem with it.  They actually stated they would need to figure out a "work around" to change the license assignment.  Perhaps it's just a newer sales person that doesn't know the product.

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Hi @patrickoleary,


The user also can deactivate a license so someone else can activate it:



You don't need to reach anyone in Alteryx to do that. 


I think this might be an interesting fact for you. 

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Hi @patrickoleary ,


This is something that we regularly encounter within our company.


Two ways of handling it:-


1. If you are an admin for the licensing portal for your company, you could possibly revoke and reassign the license yourself.

2. If the above method does not work, you can always reach out to the fulfillment team through your Sales Rep. They are generally prompt in responding and helping out with the reassignment.


Bottom line being that if your company is paying for the license, it is your prerogative on how and who you assign it too.


Hope that helps.




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Thanks everyone!  Much appreciated. I wish I could accept all replies as solutions.  

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hi @patrickoleary , the licenses Admin (ask your AE to identify the admin) will be able to deactivate and reassign licenses on Alteryx portal here is how to do it



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@patrickoleary  I think you actually can. 🙂

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Hello All,


Can someone please throw light on -  Is there any way we can look into license consumption report  ?  from license compliance view .

Also with respect to  -Alteryx Connect, Promote, and Server (licensed by cores.)..... How can i know how many cores being consumed .