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Join 4 Table tools for the purpose of feeding to Layout fail when one table is not present

7 - Meteor



I have set up four tables that each flow into one Table tool.


If all four tables are present (i.e. actually have data) the Table tools are joined two at a time using the Join tool such that they eventually line up in one row and are ready for moving into a Layout tool that I configure to output an email.


However, one of the tables let's call it Table D may not always be present and when this happens, the tables don't output in the email.


I'd thought of using use a Filter tool downstream of Table D prior to the Join tool, in order to adda row with spaces using a text input tool, just so that the Join tool will work but there the Filter tool won't work if there is no record to filter with in the first place.


I can't take screenshots so I've create a mock-up canvas using  ppt.


Can anyone think of a solution?



13 - Pulsar

Hi @leahpenelope 


See the WF below:



Just use a Union and then a crosstab, this way you can set it up more dinamically.





7 - Meteor

Hi Pedro,


Thank you! That worked beautifully.