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Interface Designer No Longer Showing Overview of Workflow

5 - Atom

Hi Community!

First time posting here. I've been having issues lately with my interface designer which appeared randomly and hasn't been able to go back to normal ever since, so I'm hoping you guys can help!


The interface designer on the bottom left of my screen always used to show a high level/bird's eye view of my workflow for easy navigation. However, now it is just greyed out. No text or errors on it. I even restarted Alteryx and tried different workflows as well as restore default settings, and no luck.


Any suggestions here? Such a minor thing that really affects navigation efficiency especially in huge workflows!

12 - Quasar

Hi @giandibo 


Under the View menu, you have the show\hide the Interface Designer and the Overview windows.


You also have the option under Options - User Settings - Restore Defaults.


Hope that helps,



9 - Comet

@giandibo this can be frustrating! Good news: easy fix!


The view your describing is actually the workflow overview pane. To get it to show again, while in Alteryx hit ctrl+Alt+V and it will pop back up. You can also get it back by clicking view in the top ribbon and selecting the overview. You can then reconfigure where it goes in the view by clicking and dragging it. 


I hope this helps! 



5 - Atom

Oh my goodness, that was it. Thank you so much! I didn't realize the interface designer was something else. Even restoring defaults wasn't making the overview pop up. 

9 - Comet

Glad that was it! This happens alllll the time!


Pro tip: get your layout dialed in the way you like it then lock your layout-- you can do that in Options>user settings > save settings now