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Interface Append Create Delete Action

8 - Asteroid



Working on a interface that will require the user to enter different text fields

The goal is to create a database/table that has the records entered by the user

There are 14 Fields that need to be updated

Created the inputs and actions 


Need the user to select New Record, Modify Record or Delete Record

Based on that selection the workflow will need to be different


If they select New record then I want to trigger the 14 fields to update and append to the existing list


If the select Modify Record then I want to trigger a drop down that will require selecting Program / Proposal Name and allow them to change certain fields in the report


If they select Delete Record I want to trigger a drop down that will require selecting Program / Proposal Name and delete the row, with a warning are you sure...


I'm new to the Interface tools in Alteryx, so I'm not sure what is best, attached is a far as I got with the build. 


Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated

Alteryx Non-Admin Designer Version 2020.3.5.30242 Running Non Elevated


Attached the Excel vision for the build


Hi there you are looking to do three containers, which will be disabled depending on the options selected. Interface tools cannot be inside the containers but they can be collapsed as part of a group when you use radio or checkboxes. These will really help. Have a look at the Radio Button tool example:


Radio Button Example.PNG


This should really help give you an idea on how to set them up and then each option is only available once. i.e. you can only do one of the options. if you are looking to do all three at the same time, I would recommend the checkbox route. Have fun learning. There are lots of resources around building interfaces.


Hope these get you started on your journey. 

Samantha Clifton