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Input Data from Word document (.docx)

7 - Meteor



I have many monthly financial reports in MS Word that is build up on the same structure (same headings, tables etc.). I would like to import those reports into Alteryx in order to structured and analyse the data in Alteryx and presenting later in Power BI. 


A good solution might be a tool that read the word document and input one row for each paragraph, including some paragraph information like style (e.g. Heading 1, Heading 2, Normal, Punctuation etc.). Where there are tables in the document; several fields should be added and separated in Field 1, Field 2... in order to extract and analyse the content of each table. 


Are there any solutions like this in Alteryx today, or any good workarounds? Or is it planned to be added in the close future?

8 - Asteroid

@RogerS Thank you for the macro.  Does it work for multiple files?  What changes might need to be made?  Thanks!