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Input Data (10): CSVFile: A field was missing a closing quote

10 - Fireball



I am getting error:


Input Data (10): CSVFile: A field was missing a closing quote in record 191: "[Legal entity name
Input Data (10): Too many fields in record #193




anyway I can bypass this error? This is an analytic app.

12 - Quasar

I've run into this issue before. Typically checking the boxes in row 13 and 14 will fix it. Sometimes I need to make the text qualifier "None"  instead of "Quotes" to get it reading correctly. It's also possible you have a delimiter included as part of a field value. In those cases, I use a text editor to fix if there aren't many.



12 - Quasar

Hello, @wonka1234.


I believe I have faced this exact same error.


My solution inside the Input Data tool was as follows:

  1. Updated Field Length to 5000 instead of the default 254
  2. Code Page from ISO 8859-1 Latin I to UTF-8
  3. Check box for AMP Only: Allow Newlines in Quoted Fields
  4. Check box for AMP Only: Force Single-threaded Reading