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Importing Table from Web - Corruption Perception Index

7 - Meteor

I am looking to import the "The Full Data Set" table from the following webpage, 


they have an imbed link or I would like to import the zip file with full data,   any suggestions?



14 - Magnetar

Hi @_collin_lowney 


It looks like the table values are in a javascript object so they won't come through in the Download tool.

You can look at using tools like to scrape this type of data. If you search the Community there was a good post on this recently.


EDIT: here is the post I mentioned, thanks to @OliverW 

Alteryx Alumni (Retired)

Hi @_collin_lowney , if you would like to get the zip file and the link will remain the same, you can try this workflow:

- downloading the page and selecting line 1133 - which contains the link to the zip file

- changing the filename so that it contains filename with the correct folder (I used the temporary folder where the workflow is cached - [Engine.TempFilePath]

- Unzip the file into a subfolder /extract - this is really nasty but it works :)

- Take the right file with a simple filter and look at the data


If this works let me know.


EDIT: prerequisite is that you have 7-zip installed and the 7z.exe is either in this folder "C:\Program Files\7-Zip\" or you change the path accordingly in the Formula(18) ->

Alteryx Alumni (Retired)

... and why not just grabbing the JSON document on this link? :)

You can find this link in the embed.js and I suppose the table-data.json might not change often.


Workflow who downloads JSON and reads data is attached.

7 - Meteor

Great - got it to work Thanks!