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How to reverse the logic of the check box tool?

7 - Meteor

If I use a check box tool to enable/disable a container, the container is disabled upon checking the box and enabled upon unchecking the box.


I would like to have it the other way round: Checking the box should enable my container, leaving the box empty disabling my container.


I can circumvent that by phrasing the check box text differently but that feels rather counter-intuitive.


The goal behind this:


I have a section of my workflow that reads in files from a folder the user may specify. However, this input is optional, i.e. there may be no such folder and no files to read in. If the folder is empty, the input tool returns an error and my workflow stops. That's why I want to disable the container if there is no folder selected. Consequently, I want to phrase the check box question "I want to read in additional files from the folder" and have the folder selection popup upon checking the box.


Configure an Action tool with: Update value with formula: ![#1]

Stephen Ruhl
Principal Customer Support Engineer

6 - Meteoroid

Hi, I have tried doing this with a workflow but it does not work. I am simply typing ![#1] into the update value with formula and selecting the Disable - @value - value = False line. Could you suggest a solution? 



6 - Meteoroid

The formula should read:

if [#1] THEN "False" else "True" endif


This will disable any unchecked boxes.

7 - Meteor

Very elegant and useful solution.  Total gets over the counterintuitive usage of the Check Boxes and how they interact with Containers.