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How to get results of DIR command into AlterYX

11 - Bolide

Hello everyone. I have a requirement that I need to be able to look at a given directory, and get a list of all of the files + folders in that directory.


Unfortunately the Directory command tool only shows files (if anyone knows how to get it to show just directories please let me know!).


Because of this limitation I was planning on using a run command to simply produce the outputs of a given directory command. However I cannot seem to get alteryx to 'read back' the output of the directory command.


Attached is my current example workflow (very simple workflow to show an example of the problem i'm having).  Does anyone have any ideas on how to get this function to work correctly?



6 - Meteoroid

This is a helpful demonstration! Thank you for sharing this. 


Suppose that I wanted to include the owner of the file (command /Q), for example. This does not seem to work. How could this workflow be adjusted to pull in that information?