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How to find last month last business day

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Hi, Community,


I have a problem which I need to find the last month last business day.

For example, last month is Feb,2018 and last business day of Feb,2018 is Feb.28.2018.


But sometimes last day of month may not be the business day, then we need to look previous day to check whether that date is business day.

For March, 2018, the last day of March would be 31th which is Saturday , and 30th is the last business day of Mar,2018.


I'll explore the iterative macro seems like it would be a potential solution but I have never built iterative macro before, so I may need to explore more on iterative macro.


Any ideas how to build the workflow to find the last business day of the month?






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Hey @khu


I'm not sure this is the most elegent way to do it but it gets the results :)





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No need to over complicate this!

Depending how many years you need to go back this solution could work.

You can then join your data against this generated dataset to give you what you need.

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Thanks for solution , u rocks

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nice and simple, thank you !

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I built a similar solution myself but couldn't find an elegant and dynamic solution for bank holidays. any thoughts?

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You'll need some sort of mapping file which pulls out bank holidays from your data stream. Shouldn't be too much hasle to create, though of course this depends if you are operating in a single company or globally.