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How to convert string day and time to month,day, year and time format?

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I've looked everywhere and have tried date time parse formula but am having no luck. Is there a way to get this format to be a day an time format? 


Here is an example of my time data: 


22-FEB-20 PM

24-FEB-20 AM


Each line is in one cell within excel. I am trying to convert them to a legible time so I can perform mathematical eqautions between how many days are in between each date. 


Please if someone can help me that would be amazing! 



17 - Castor
17 - Castor

Hi @svue1994 ,


Here is a solution with DateTimeParse function.

DateTimeParse([Date],'%d-%b-%y %I.%M.%S.000000000 %p')


I think this parameter is the trickest one, you need to combine this with %p (AM or PM)

(capital "eye")
Hour in 12 hour clock, 01 to 12Up to two digits for hour, 1 to 12. Must follow with %p or %P.



Fernando Vizcaino

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17 - Castor

@fmvizcaino nailed it. You need to convert the date time information into the ISO 8601 format using the expression he provided; it's the standard date time format for calculation in Alteryx (and many other platforms). 


22-FEB-20 PM


2020-02-22 17:20:00

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Thank you so much! This makes alot more sense! The formula worked - I'll make sure to take note of that going forward. Appreciate your help!