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How to Enable/Disable the joins interactive with the User inputs

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Hi Guys,


I am developing a workflow for the business user, Please Observe below screenshot


Here A, B & C are the data connections, User wants a report that he will select columns in the data connections, according to his selection, he needs the output to be delivered. 

Example: If he selects, A & B connection, then A&B join output should be activated/generated

                If he selects, B & C connection, then B&C join output should be activated/generated

                If he selects, A & C connection, then A&C join output should be activated/generated

Thanks in advance for the reply, much appreciated...

12 - Quasar

Not sure whether this is what you were aiming for

I set up a flow where a drop down menu where you choose the combo of inputs you want to join is available.

Then this updates the containers to either activate or deactivate.


The logic that updates the value is conditional:


if [#1] = "AB" then "FALSE" ELSE "TRUE" ENDIF which updates the disabled information in the container.


I think what it might miss is that it does not let you control the selected columns - but you could probably build interface tools in to handle this

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Hi @ed_hayter,


It helped, i am checking with selected columns using interactive tools. If i got anything, i will update here.

Thanks for the help, much appreciated.