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How do you clear the File>>Open Recent folder so it shows no workflows?

7 - Meteor

I have cleared the Open AutoSaved Files, but want to clear the workflows that are presented in the Open Recent folder too. I am not sure if this is done in a file on the backend or in the application.

Open Recent.PNG


Thanks in Advance!


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20 - Arcturus



Alteryx uses Windows Recent Files Directory for this feature:



It takes the .yxmd, .yxmc, .yxwz files from that directory.




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7 - Meteor

I am on a Microsoft Server 2012 R2 OS and there are no files in these location you stated below. I do have workflows in the Open Recent tab in Alteryx Designer. Is the Open Recent pulling from a different location with this OS? Screenshot below:



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Here are the steps to remove Open Recent Workflows:

1) Select File>>Open Recent>>Select the workflow you want to delete.

2) If window appears that is below then select Yes. If Workflow opens, select File>>Save As>>Browse

Remove Recent Workflow.png

3) You should see the workflow and where it is located.
4) Close the workflow in Alteryx Designer.
5) Delete the workflow in File Explorer and repeat steps 1-2 to make sure the Window appears and select Yes to remove this workflow from Open Recent.
6) Delete Workflows from Recycle Bin also.
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Is there an easy and best way to clean the recent history in 1 shot ?