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Hello Community!! Spare a few seconds for an Alteryx assist?

10 - Fireball



I know that it doesn't effect everyone, but Alteryx does not output to PowerPoint 16:9 ratio slides, it's not an option, even though this has been PowerPoints default slide size since 2013. I've had an idea since 2018 to fix this & would much appreciate some likes so this can fix a HUGE issue in the output options! PLEASE HELP!!



Appreciate your help Alteryx community!!

9 - Comet

You're totally right that it doesn't impact everyone, but it was really frustrating to stumble across this little quirk recently.


Built this whole process to download images and data from a Rest API, seed the separate slide decks with them, lay them out just so to match the corporate template, only to find Alteryx saved them to a 15 year old default size in PPT.  Ugh.


Welcome Eli - and thanks for surfacing this!  I'm on the train with you for getting this one fixed!