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Having Alteryx look up from tab B instead if tab A contains a certain value

6 - Meteoroid

Hello Everyone,


I'm new to Alteryx and slowly developing my skillset. What I'm trying to accomplish using Alteryx is having it look for a description of "XXX" in column E on input's tab 1, if it's true, then return whatever shows in column F on input's tab 2 if columns A & B & C on both tabs are the same. I'm thinking about using the Join function but not sure how to set it up exactly. Any solution or suggestions would be much appreciated!


Hi @iteng - It will always help, if you will provide a sample data and a desired output.

12 - Quasar

You can achieve this by using the "Join" tool in Alteryx Designer. Here's how you can set it up:

  1. Connect your two inputs to the "Join" tool.
  2. In the "Join" tool, set "Tab 1" as the primary input and "Tab 2" as the secondary input.
  3. For the join condition, select the option "Join on specific fields".
  4. In the join fields, add three fields from "Tab 1" (Columns A, B, and C) and three fields from "Tab 2" (Columns A, B, and C) to form the join condition.
  5. Set the join type to "Inner Join".
  6. In the "Join" tool, add a filter condition to look for the description "XXX" in column E of "Tab 1".
  7. Finally, add an output field to return the values in column F of "Tab 2" if the join condition and filter condition are true.

This should give you the desired result. Note that the steps and terminology may vary slightly based on the version of Alteryx Designer you are using.

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I think you can overcome this by inputting both the tabs using dynamic input and then using Join tool as per your requirement.


You can refer to this link for dynamic input if required


Hope this helps


Best Regards

6 - Meteoroid

Thank you for sharing the detailed steps! I tried the Join tool and was able to get it with similar steps.