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Google Maps Driving Distance and Duration API with Alteryx

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Hi All,


I've been trying to get actual driving distances and duration by wrapping in my personal API key.


I've been following this amazing guide:


This is exactly what I need but I keep getting errors when inputting the API key URL in the Formula tool.


Also, do I need to use the Distance tool (since I only have the general license it doesn't come with TomTom capabilities) at any point or can I just add the results onto the data I already have? (I used the Append Tool to get multiple addresses listed)?



7 - Meteor

Thanks for the help! I'm not too experienced with the Google API so this is hugely helpful

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Hi Travis, this is exactly what I want to do. Would you be able to share a workflow?

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@jdunkerley79 It Gives an error on the auto-field say "At least one field must be selected" 

Means no data come, how can we re-check it? I put My API key and it accepts it (the key)

At Least One field selected.JPG



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Ok @jdunkerley79 I understand, The destination field after parsing gives null, How do we can handle it?

At Least One field selected -1.JPGls the setting is Ok in Google console?

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When I checked the Records it gives the following error: This API project is not authorized to use this API., Why this happened? 

Alteryx Alumni (Retired)

Hey @MAAbdullahAlMubarah


I haven't used the Google DistanceMatrix API in a while - but I know back in June they made some significant changes to their API. My guess is that that is the root of your issue. I would recommend reading through their API documentation and trying to build out your own API call.

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Thank You so much @jdunkerley79 Very great resource 

7 - Meteor

Hi James,


I was trying to use the work flow that you have provided here. Instead of considering inputs in terms of spatial points, I would want to consider the combination of city, state, zip code and country because I do not have lat long info. In this case can I still use the concatenations that you have used?. If not, could you please let me know how can I input the below origin and destination details in the formula area and get the distance? For instance I have the following origin and destination detail and I would like to find the API distance in miles between them.


Origin details: DECATUR 62525 IL USA

destination details: LEWISBURG 37091 TN USA


Please find attached the excel file which has the origin and destination details . I have kept only 3 records here for simplicity.



Varun Shekhar





5 - Atom

Hello, thanks so much for this! I just had a few questions: how do I know whether this calculates the drivetime in peak times or quiet times? or e.g. the time of day it pulls the drivetime data from? thanks, karol