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Good to Know's (aka Gotcha's)

8 - Asteroid

Hey Y'all,


Often I build workflows and have them scale to 100's of datasets which is easily done thanks to Alteryx,


However, down the line someone will report back to me with some fallout, and I begin the investigation and find that my unique tool happens to be case sensitive, which would have been good to know.


With that punchline being said, I was wondering if any other "Good to Know's" exist, so I put together a workflow showcasing some that I consider based upon the following;

  • The clarification does not exist in the Tool/Documentation (
  • The data formatted differently can yield different results


So if you ever need to Union together datasets with columns/data that may have different case formats, take the Unique of that data, transpose that data to Join on [ID] & [Column Name] & [Value], hopefully this helps;



The Min/Max/Sort Order while I do consider them still to be good to know, I will assume that industry standard for coding/regex is [a-zA-Z] and hopefully that holds true  


As a counterpart and the standard I believe should be held to, these tools/formulas have the documentation/ability and have caused me zero headaches;




If there are any other "Good to Know's" out I would love to know about them (I am sure there are posts spread across here, and even ideas like the case-insensitive join: Case-Insensitive Join)





Definitely take a look at the Inspire 2019 Tips and Tricks PDF that was put together here:


"Enclosed you will find 91 pages full of Tips + Tricks that will help you save clicks in Alteryx.  The Tips and Tricks book covers our fan favorite tips for saving time when developing workflows and our best tips for organization. Utilize the book to learn everything from workflow design to organization, optimization, to our best time savers."