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Filter based on a list of values contained in a list / column

7 - Meteor

I have a dynamic list of suppliers and want to use this to filter some data in another workstream.  I can hard code this using the "Value In" operator - ([Supplier_ID] IN ('A1','A2',A3','B4',X5')) which is fine but not great.  What I would prefer is to import this list from the other workstream and have this drive the filtering funtion.  This would look something like ([Supplier_ID] IN [Sullpier_List]).


I am sure that this is possible but does anyone know how?





15 - Aurora
15 - Aurora



You can use a join based on the Supplier ID and the supplire list the J output will display the matching rows.


Hope this help!


12 - Quasar

A simple join wouldnt do that? Join the two datasets with Supplier_ID and then use just the J output