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Extracting files from zip files (or tar and tar.gz)

9 - Comet

Extracting files from zipped archives is supported in Alteryx but it's not particularly flexible. This SDK tool allows you to extract all the files from zip files, tar archives and tar.gz archives (Linux support, woohoo) into a given folder and optionally overwrite.


An example of using the tool is shown here.




Grab the yxi installer from my Github site: https://github.com/bobpeers/Alteryx_SDK_Zip

10 - Fireball

Hi @bobpeers,


Thanks for sharing your tool!


In case you would like some feedback for a future version, I believe that following features could be useful:


- Give the option to create the output folder if it doesn't exist

- Pass output folder as a field, like the source file

- Add a message to mention that file format is not supported 

- Add YXI and YXZP as supported formats (zip) 😉


Thanks again,




9 - Comet

Thanks for the suggestions @PaulNo !


The full path of extracted files is output so the output folder is also there if you parse the field.


Also curious as to why you want to unzip yxi files since these are Alteryx specific and are not data files by default (it would be easy though since they are just zip files with a different name)


I'll definitely consider adding these 🙂

10 - Fireball

Hey @bobpeers,


Being able to build a workflow to analyse YXI files automatically (along with the structure of the YXI itself) could be useful sometimes!


Thanks for considering my suggestions!



7 - Meteor



Does this work on csv files as well?  I am having trouble getting anything to happen with this tool.


Thanks in advance!

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The ZIP SDK worked brilliantly for me, thank you for posting!