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Emailing Multiple Attachments as 1 Email

7 - Meteor

Unsure if this has been successful or not - I've researched several posts. Is Alteryx able to send an email with multiple attachments? Such as excel files? Currently when I run my workflow - if I have 3 attachments, I am sent 3 emails with nothing attached even though I specified the file path. Curious if anyone else has a solution to this or any ideas I could try.

15 - Aurora
15 - Aurora

Hi @Ben_Kohler - I have attached a sample solution for your reference. Please take a look and let us know if this addresses your question. I have hard coded the workflow to allow three attachments, but you can certainly add more. 


To test this solution, enter the file location in the Formula tool, and then enter the relevant details in the Email tool before you hit run. Once you run, it will send you one email with three different attachments (from the location which is mentioned in the formula tool).


Hope this helps.

7 - Meteor

Hello @AbhilashR,


My co-worker actually had this solution she was keeping quiet about and was exactly the same that you just shared! You get credit for the solution though! I really appreciate the help.

6 - Meteoroid

What if the attachments being outputted are dated. I am having a hard time configuring the email to pull in the latest by creation date as it wants to bring in the .xlsx.bak files also.

Dues 02-07-2022.xlsx

Upload 02-07-2022.xlsx

ACH 02-07-2022.xlsx