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Dynamic Rename

8 - Asteroid

I have 2 column headers that I need to dynamically add a date to. The date has to be a business day (no Sundays, no US bank holidays). I have the business day thing figured out for a column of data (REPORT DATE) and it took a string of like, 6 tools to get there.  I was wondering if I can somehow dynamically rename these 2 other columns with something like (_Current Field_) + [REPORT DATE]? I can tell you that this specific example does not work. Or is there a really cool DateTime formula that I'm not aware of that will do this, like (_Current Field_) + " " + reallycoolDateTimeformula??  I currently have it set up to pull in todays date -1 day but that's not as accurate as it needs to be.  Thanks!

17 - Castor

@KateC would something like this work? This approach:


1) Transposes the data - brings all field names into rows, leaving the [Report Date] next to each

2) Creates a new field which will act as the new, replacement headers, made up of [Field Name] + [Report Date]

3) Uses the Dynamic Rename 'Take Field Names from Right Input Rows' function, where you can use two fields as the target [Name] and replacement [New Header]





8 - Asteroid

This worked perfectly. Thanks!