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Dynamic Input And Merge Output

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Hi All,


1.How to dynamically import excel files(multiple files) And excel sheets(sheet1,sheet2.....) ?

2.How to merge multiple output into single excel workbook with multiple sheet ?


Can anyone help ?


Thanks in Advance !


 Hi Gursharan,


1. Are the the multiple files or excel sheets in the same schema? if they are in the same schema you can use a wild card entry for the multiple files and the dynamic input tool for the multiple sheets. For different schema you will need to use a batch macro input.


More information on samples here


2. You can try the block until done tool and have multiple output tools make sure to specify the sheet number.



Hi Gursharan,


The links @jcalteryx posted are very useful. I have also attached a folder containing a workflow which demonstrates many of the different ways you can work with and input (as well as output) excel files. This includes examples of;


  • Bringing in many files with the same schema using a wildcard input
  • Bringing files from a Directory + Dynamic Input
  • Input files with Different Schema using a Macro
  • Input Multiple Sheets
  • Input Multiple Tabs with Different Schema
  • Input Multiple Tabs and Files
  • Idenitfy and Input the Most Recent File in folder
  • Output Multiple Sheets to 1 Excel File (the Block Until Done Method shared previously is another way!)

Just download the zip, go to Workflow -> Input Methods. If you've found our suggestions useful, please mark as a solution and give us a thumbs-up, it helps users like yourself to find this information more quickly :)