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Dynamic Data Entry App

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So I'm trying to make a data entry app that changes up based on certain factors.  

I've setup the ETL to generate the fields I need populated, yeah? (pulls a list of data entry items needed) all I'm thinkin to do is use that data to populate the X number of text boxes in various ways.  Give it the title based on the field name and if there already is an entry for that item populate the text box by default.


So the ETL comes up with, say, 3 items that need populating and so it get's cross tabed to become field names, drops the _ from them and can feed them into, lets say, a List Box, but I can't seem to figure a way to dynamically alocate text boxes... 


Dunno if that makes sense... Might have to revert to htmlUI library or something..



Hi @ChrisSpr the XML entry is your friend. 


I can see two ways you can build your desired app;

1. You have a text box for all possibilities within containers and they are turned on/off based on user selection.

2. You use XML to build up the app on the fly based on the users selection, along with chained apps to deliver a dynamic experience, it will require a lot of testing and you will have to write a few conditional statements, to ensure the data is what you want it to be if you were to write it up to a database for example.

Both possible.


This can be turned on in the user settings if not already. Check the Advanced Tab and look for display XML in the property window.

Samantha Clifton
8 - Asteroid

Ah thank you kindly!