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Download excel file from Sharepoint

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I am trying to download excel file from sharepoint using Download tool. I need help in the below methods with some example


1. Download Sharepoint excel file using direct file URL Ex:

2. Download Sharepoint excel file using sharepoint webservice



Thanks in advance

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Whenever sharepoint saves a file there is a directory structure that sharepoint creates behind the scenes. The easiest way to access this folder would be to ask your sharepoint owner to give you the link to the folder structure. This would be in the form of a network share and not the actual http: link that is contained in sharepoint. Then browse to that folder within the input tool in Alteryx and select the excel file you want to bring into Alteryx.

Justin Jones
Solutions Engineer
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Hello all,


I have attempted bringing in an Excel file using the Input tool and pointing to the folder path provided by Sharepoint instead of the URL. I am able to run this successfully on my desktop but I am having issues when trying to schedule on the Gallery. I have saved the workflow to the Gallery using the batch ID credentials that do indeed have access to the Sharepoint library but am receiving a file not found error. Any thoughts?




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We need your help on this particular question.


  1. Read an excel from SharePoint.
  2. Write back into another excel form SharePoint.


The problem is that the server doesn’t remember the user name and password. So when Alteryx server scheduler runs daily, it doesn’t work till we open the SharePoint folder once and manually input password.


We used "Input tool"


\\\DavWWWRoot\sites\xyz-repo\Shared Documents\opqrst\report_20180604.xlsx


as the “Connect a File or Database”.


Could you tell how to solve this?

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Are you setting the workflow to run under a Windows account that has access to the SharePoint site? If you see the attached, we need to enter batch ID credentials when uploading to the server so it will run as that batch ID.
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For others.


This might work. I made a shortcut to the file in the sharepoint-folder and put it in another folder not located on the sharepoint site. Using the input tool I then used the shortcut file to the Excel file. Since its a shortcut it should be linked to the "original" file and thus updated when changes happen. Only downside is if people make new versions of the file all the time.



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I have a small query. Can you please tell me how you saved the workflow containing Sharepoint input list to the gallery. I face "Couldnot create SSL/TLS secure channel" error when saving in the gallery.

Can you please suggest workaround on this? My motive is to read files from sharepoint and just list them

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Hi All,


I'm having issues connecting to files on our SharePoint site.  I know I'm using the correct file path because I am copying the full path from the directory tool output.  Weirdly enough, I can also see the data in the preview of the input data tool, but I get a "file not found" error when running the workflow.  Any suggestions?SharePoint_Error.PNG

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I am having the exact same issues. This is an intermittent problem for me and I am not sure why this is occurring? Is there something on the SharePoint side that I could investigate? This is the single, biggest thorn in my side when connecting to data via Alteryx.
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Hi David,  I have not been able to resolve this.  I worked with Alteryx support to try to troubleshoot and the conclusion that we came to was Alteryx does not support connecting directly to SharePoint (except to SharePoint lists through the SharePoint List Tool).


If this is feasible in your organization (it isn't in mine), a potential solution could be syncing your SharePoint location to OneDrive and connecting to the files through the OneDrive client on your machine.  Unfortunately, I can't tell you this will work 100% of the time.