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Download Files from Sharepoint 2013

7 - Meteor

Hi All,


I need to download PDF files from a SP site and store it locally using Alteryx. In Sharepoint, I tried to get the UNC path by going to Libraries tab and then click on 'Open in Explorer'. But this gave me a relative path " Documents/9.xxxxx/xxxxx" . How do I use this link to download the files using alteryx? Or is there any other better way to do this ?

I am pretty new to Alteryx, so any guidance would be really appreciated.




11 - Bolide



In my case, I'm uploading files to SP. And I'm using the 'Run Command' tool to issue a command line command to copy the files.


It should be noted that this solution works in my environment, so your SharePoint environment might not behave the same. We're using a hosted O365 SP environment at this time.


Note - The issue with this solution on the Alteryx Server turned out to be a filewall issue, so others may find that they are able to use something similar to the above on Server if they don't have the filewall issue.

8 - Asteroid



This is good and works fine on designer but on trying to move the flow to Alteryx gallery it shows the following issue.


Any help here please ?





8 - Asteroid

This is exactly the point where I'm stuck. My WF runs flawlessly opening files from Designer. I have another WF that opens files from a network location and passes the credentials just fine. 


I receive errors when saving both of the above referenced WF, but the one that opens files from a network location still runs fine. The one that uses a directory tool to open files from SharePoint gives an error. I would think that invalid credentials (that might not have been passed) would result in a different error instead of 'Invalid Directory'. 


Error running from ServerError running from Server

5 - Atom

Dear Matt,

thank you very much for your solution.

I am a new learner for Alteryx, I can use your solution to locate the file, but when I try to download it to a NAS path using the download tool in Alteryx designer, an error pops up saying "the file can not be accessed by the system". how can I go through with it please? I have a permission greanted service account for the sharepoint url, but I don't know how to use it to solve this problem.

many thanks and looking forward to your feedback!


thanks and Regards,