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Does the Email Tool have an attachment "size limit"?

8 - Asteroid

Does the email tool have a size limit for attachments? 

Tried searching and could not find anything so asking a new question.


Could be our SMTP server limit, but hoping someone can help me confirm 🙂


The error message in the log goes:  "Error - ToolId 598: Record#1: Email attachments greater than 10MB are not allowed."


Anyone else seen this before?

12 - Quasar

Yes, the SMTP server have limitations... 

8 - Asteroid

Thought so since I could not find anything on the Email Tool having this limitation.  Thanks for confirming!

5 - Atom

Hi dougperez, one more question: I found there was a limitation for the Alteryx email attachment which is no larger than 10MB. I checked our Email exchange limitation which is 50 MB. Is this SMTP limitation controlled by Alteryx? Since I can use the same email account to send email with 20MB attachment. Can we have somewhere to enlarge the limitation? Thanks a lot.


7 - Meteor

Just ran into this today. This is an Alteryx limitation and not SMTP (unless Alteryx is throttling the SMTP) as I can send emails with greater than 10MB from the same account. I have reports run monthly that send Accounting critical data and they did not receive the attachments via email as the total was just over 10MB. Would love to hear a solution for a work around or if this is something that will be addressed in a later release.