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Disable automatic connections when adding and moving tools

7 - Meteor

Hello everybody, I am quite new to Alteryx and it's probably my fault as I am messy, but everytime I am modifying something in my workflow as in adding and moving tools, the fact that Designer automatically set connections to nearby tools really bothers me and sometimes makes a mess (a messier mess) out of my workflow


One tip that may help is zooming out of your workflow a little bit so that you have a bit more flexibility on how far away each tool can be placed. 





Tools only automatically connect to each other when they are close enough, so the best way to avoid a tool automatically connecting is to place it a bit further away. 

5 - Atom

Yes, I would love a config setting to turn off the auto-connection and the reshuffling of tools!

I have noticed other people mention this in earlier posts, but they are inactive.


5 - Atom

Auto connecting would be useful if it did not reproportion the flow of a module.  It is such a menacing feature.

7 - Meteor

Agreed, there should be a way to disable auto-connection of tools when dragging as I'm grappling with the same issue when moving things around in a tight work area