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Dependent Interface Values

9 - Comet



I am working with a group that is wanting to have two drop-down Interface tools. They want the first drop-down to populate values for the second drop-down. 


For example, when the first drop-down has the value A they want the second-drop down to have options of 1 and 2 to choose from. When the first drop-down has the value of B they want the second drop-down to have the options of 2 and 3 to choose from. 


They do not want this to be a chained application as they do not like the interface of that on Alteryx Server - they want all their questions on the same page - any other ideas? 





7 - Meteor

Hi Elsastark,


I think this can be done using the Control Parameter tool, steps detailed below but happy to attach an example workflow.


1. Drag and drop a Control Parameter tool onto your canvas


2. In the configuration window of the Control Parameter tool, set the "Parameter Type" to "List".


3. In the "List Values" field, enter the options you want to display in the dropdown. You can either enter them manually or connect to a data source.


4. Click on the "Options" tab in the configuration window and select the "Dynamic Update" option.


5. In the "Update Options Using" field, select the input field that will determine the options available in the dropdown. This could be another Control Parameter tool or any other input tool that the user can interact with.





9 - Comet

@HarryBrunning - Would you be able to provide an example? I'm not sure how to switch a Control Parameter tool to a list type. 

5 - Atom

Hi, could you please share a sample workflow? How do you set  "Parameter Type" to "List" in Control Parameter tool? I do not see that option. Thanks!