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Deleting "Sum_" in Header Output Field Name after Summarize

5 - Atom

Is there a simple way to remove the "Sum_" in the Output Field Name after Summarizing?


I'm working with monthly information for multiple years and am currently just Finding and Replacing "Sum_" with "" in excel after running my workflow, because it is much faster than renaming in Alteryx.


I know you can "Replace" using the Formula tool, but I would have to do this for every column, since it's the header name.



16 - Nebula
16 - Nebula

Hi @JSnyder you can use a dynamic rename tool and select remove prefix and specify Sum_ for all columns after the summarize tool.



Alteryx Alumni (Retired)

Hey @JSnyder 


You could try using the Dynamic Rename tool, utilizing the option Remove Prefix/Suffix. This will scan all column headers and replace all that contain "Sum_" with one tool. 


Just make sure all the columns are checked in boxes at the top of the configuration window. 




18 - Pollux
18 - Pollux

Hi @JSnyder 


You can also change the output field name in the summarize tool



7 - Meteor

You can do this quickly and easily using a select tool after your summarize tool. Just highlight the columns that you want to change, go to Options and select Remove Prefix. 


Select tool.png

8 - Asteroid

I was wondering if there was a possibility of using a wildcard in the dynamic rename tool? I have some SOQL results where the child records returns the object name and record sequence as a prefix. For instance, I will see a field name LASERCA__Personal_Credit_Reports__r.records.0.LASERCA__Credit_Score__c and then a different field name LASERCA__Personal_Credit_Reports__r.records.1.LASERCA__Credit_Score__c. I'd love to get rid of the prefix 'LASERCA__Personal_Credit_Reports__r.records.X.' altogether with the X being a wildcard.