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Delete duplicate records in oracle table.

8 - Asteroid

I have Oracle table as input but it does have duplicated records. My ask is keep every unique record and delete duplicate records from table. 

13 - Pulsar


good inside the designer of alteyx you can use the summarize tool.
you select all fields and select group by for all.
you remove the duplicates.
now if you have to return to the oracle table you will have to overwrite

12 - Quasar

Hi @Pradeep66 


If you are dealing with large, very large Oracle's tables, perhaps you will be better by deleting those duplicated records at the Oracle DB, you may be able to do that from Alteryx if your connection to Oracle allows you to write back, or fine tune your query to exclude the duplicated records.


The following Oracle's article How to Delete Duplicate Records in Oracle 


If you want to delete those records within Alteryx only, then @geraldo 's approach will be the way to go.


Hope this helps,


12 - Quasar

You can use the unique tool if you just want to eliminate duplicate records.