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Data Input while File is open: (Let's upvote this feature) Temp work around

11 - Bolide

First off, please go to this community link and upvote this as a new feature:


As a workaround, I drafted a potential macro that can be used in the interim.


What is is for? This macro serves 2 purposes:

1. Allows Alteryx to read Excel files as input even when that file is already open (This works for execution, but not the initial configuration)

2. Improved speed for shared drive connections (Input tool is very slow for network drives - 10 mins on network vs 20 secs on local drive)


How does it work?

It uses the run command tool to copy the original file into a temp file path that is on the local machine. This allows Alteryx to then dynamically read from this copied file instead.







15 - Aurora

Great , please share the macro

17 - Castor
17 - Castor

Very cool, agree please share!

11 - Bolide

Here is the Proof of Concept with the Macro included.

This is incredible

7 - Meteor

Hi @csmith11,


Checking if this can also be used in multiple excel files? I have 25 files I need to collate of which i use directory (file is usually open to the user) and the file is macro enabled (.xlm).


Thank you in advance!

11 - Bolide

This same approach can be implemented for multiple at the same time. It would just required reworking the macro slightly.

5 - Atom

Got this to work for a Project at work. Thank you!!

8 - Asteroid

I have 4 input files, can anyone pls advise me how can I use this macro to my existing workflow? It would be a great help.