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Creating folder from Server using Run Command Tool

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I have a workflow to create a folder on the shared drive using Run Command tool. But when I save it to the server, it does not work.

Can someone please to take a look at it? Please see below screenshots and also I have attached the workflow. 





Thank you!!!

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Are you getting any errors?

Are you sure the account you are running the workflow as has the permissions to create a folder in that location?

Your batch is trying to make a folder in the C drive which is not usually considered a shared location and its trying to do it on the actual server which is probably locked down even further. Also, unless setup otherwise, your workflow will likely be running as the local account on the server which usually starts off with fewer permissions as well. 


I tested your flow on my gallery and it successfully created a folder on the C drive of the server using an account with permission to save in that location, so that part is actually working.

Hi @CindyW_1 


It's indeed creating the folder but in C. If you'd like to create it on the shared drive, make sure to update the paths to reflect the Shared drive UNC one.

As mentioned by @SPetrie , your server needs to have the proper access rights.



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Thank you for your response!! I have updated the folder location and it is working. 

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Thank you!! I have updated the folder path, and it is working.