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Connecting Alteryx to Smartsheet

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Use Case:

I had a schedule for audits that was maintained in Smartsheet and wanted to do an automated check against our databases to make sure that those audits were conducted. 


In order to do so, I need to be able to connect Alteryx to Smartsheet and then link that schedule up to the audit data that was already loaded into our databases. In doing so, I realized there were a few tricks to connecting to Smartsheet via Alteryx make it work that weren't perfectly clear [to me] the first time through. So I decided to write up the step-by-step that made it work for me! As always, there are probably better ways to do this!


1) On your desktop/server ensure that the Smartsheet "Live Data Connector" or ODBC Connector is installed. You have to connect to it as an ODBC Data Source.

         *Here is the summary article:

         *Here is the detailed documentation:

         *Here are the installation files:

2) After installation, an ODBC data source needs to be setup for each user account. All sheets/reports will be setup as tables via the ODBC connection.

         *Open your ODBC Administrator console (Search "ODBC" if needed), Go to the "System DSN" tab, click "New", Choose "Smartsheet Live Data Connector", then click "Finish"

         *You can enter your credentials here, or enter them each time you connect via that ODBC connection. In my experience it didn't seem to remember the API Key or Password, so I had to do it in Alteryx anyway.

3) Once the connection is setup, now we just need to drop a "Data Input" tool onto our canvas in Alteryx and pull the data:

         *Drag the "Data Input" tool to the canvas > Click the dropdown arrow next to "Connect a file or Database" > "Database Connection" > "New ODBC Connection"

         *Choose your newly created ODBC connection > enter your username/password or API Key > Click "OK"

4) Now we have the Alteryx Connection, and finally we need to pull the data. The "Tables" tab on the Data Input tool will show the list of eligible data sources to pull from Smartsheet.

         *Double click the table that you want then click out of the tool. It will throw an error.

         *Manually go back into the Data Input Tool > Open the "Table or Query" > Click on the "SQL Editor" tab

         *You will have a query that looks something like this: 'SELECT * FROM Schedule__8141418171524996s_(Home)'

         *Remove the "" part from the front of the table name, then place the rest of the table name in double quotes. It should now return your data. My query looked like this: 'SELECT * FROM "Audit Schedule__8141418171524996s_(Home)" '




I was working with someone having Smartsheet data sources not showing anything in the results grid as well. It seems that Smartsheet tells Alteryx the maximum size of the field and what would appear to be a fairly small Smartsheet results in a multi-gigabyte input source for Alteryx. I suggest checking the actual field data sizes with an AutoField tool (temporarily) and then putting a permanent Select tool right after your Input tool to set the Smartsheet field sizes to something that more reasonably represents your data. That will bring down the resulting data set size and allow you to preview a subset of the data in the results grid. 

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This is fantastic, thank you very much!

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I know it is a late follow-up, but I haven't found it documented anywhere else: 


To configure Smartsheet for the Gallery...


Smartsheet Connection String
odbc:Driver={Smartsheet Live Data Connector};Server:Smartsheet:<UserEmail>;OPTIONS=8188; TYPERULE=0; PATHNAME=1;Uid=<UserEmail>;Pwd=<Password>;


Just replace the <UserEmail> with your service account email and the <Password> with the API Token

Any user attempting to use it must have the driver installed on their machine.  They do not have to create an ODBC connection for themselves though.  

64-bit driver url:



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This is working in Designer but not in Gallery. Getting error in Gallery:  Error SQLDriverConnect: [Microsoft][ODBC Driver Manager] Data source name not found and no default driver specified. Anyone know the Solution?

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An ODBC connection will not transfer when you save it to the server.

Your Administrator will have to install the ODBC driver on the machine where server resides, and the DSN on the server must match the DSN used on your local machine. 

The Admin should be setting the naming convention.




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Can this be used to write to Smartsheet?

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@csh8428 the smartsheet ODBC connection does not support writing to Smartsheet. you can write to Smartsheet via api (seperate from the ODBC driver). I do not not know why Smartsheet's ODBC driver does not support writing - but this is not an Alteryx specific issue.

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Hi, This is working to extract a sheet 
Can anyone help with how to extract all the data from a Smartsheet Workspace?