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Connect Alteryx Designer to Excel in SharePoint in Office 365

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I am trying to connect to an excel file in sharepoint in office 365. However, when I enter the address in Sharepoint connector in Alteryx Designer, I am getting an error "Root not found". How can I connect to an excel file on Sharepoint?

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Hi, Here is the workflow that I use for downloading excel files from sharepoint.

With few modifications, we can use it for uploading files as well.

I have removed some sensitive content from text input, fill those as per your API details.

At the end, dynamic input will ask for template file, provide one for the file, you want to download.

We can download multiple files as well with this workflow, need some modifications or save this workflow as macro and use it.



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Thank you for sharing this. I am 90% there with making it work but I keep on getting an error message just before the XML parse tool within the "Get list of files from Folder" container:


{"error_description":"Exception of type 'Microsoft.IdentityModel.Tokens.AudienceUriValidationFailedException' was thrown."}


Any idea what that means?




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You might be using resource or scope in wrong way. Always check on Postman if you are getting 200 OK message. Postman might be helpful debugging your issue. I can't help unless I see what parameters you are passing to API download tool. Share your workflow removing sensitive information.

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I checked in postman and I am getting an error message. It does not like the grant_type: client_credentials line. Is there something else I should use instead?



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Well, the error is saying that the request must contain grant_type so i think the request is not taking what you entered. Make sure your header is all good and containg 

content-type:application/x-www-form-urlencoded or content-type:application/jason;odata=verbose


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I was able to get it to work in Alteryx. I still don't understand why it doesn't work in Postman but it works like a dream in Alteryx. I just had to update the resource information. CharudattaChousalkar thank you for all your help and for designing the process in the first place !

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Running into the same issue, works fine on desktop but not gallery. Gallery account has access. I think that when you login to Windows, your desktop can pass the SSO info to SharePoint. When it runs from the gallery purely as a service (with no one logged in persay) then SSO fails.


I know yo can pass login parameters to database connections using the actual connection string, would be great if we could do the same thing w/ SharePoint paths. 

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thank you for the detailed instructions.

I am able to figure out this path //  

Next I paste above path in file explorer it re-directs to browser and directly opens my .xlsx file.

Note: we have sharepoint online

next when I put that path in input tool, it does not work, gives me below error.

I tried using download, it still does not work, can you please advice. I have the correct navigation path but which input tool would be used in this case?



Download tool gives error: 

Download (2) Error transferring data: URL using bad/illegal format or missing URL


Input tool error:

Can't find the file: "\\< sharepoint >\< >\<filename>.xlsx". Make sure the file path is correct.