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Comparing data and highlighting additions/changes

6 - Meteoroid

I have a dataset that runs daily through a workflow that gives me an output that we will call Output B. I need to add the following items:


1. I want to compare Output B from 10/13 to Output B from 10/12. It's the same columns but values in certain columns can change.  I'd like to highlight any changes in value in the color blue. I'm looking to see the changes in one column only. 

2. I want to see any new rows of data that were added to Output B, highlight in blue. So the difference from the two dates, a new row of data sometimes is added. 


I've tried the compare data tool but it splits out changes, data added and data removed into separate columns and it doesn't include the rest of the data from the output. I'd like for all of the highlighted changes and highlighted new rows of data to appear on one tab, including the remainder of the dataset. 


Any help?



11 - Bolide

@awhitehead012 hi, not exactly what you have requested but my knowledge takes me this far 🙂


I have attached tested workflow, you can check with your inputs and see if this works while other experts may share complete solution




18 - Pollux
18 - Pollux

Hi @awhitehead012 


If @pdave87's solution doesn't work, post some sample input and output data so we can build something to meet your requirements