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Can we please get a dark mode interface for Alteryx Designer?

6 - Meteoroid

My company just upgraded everyone to 2022.1 and let me just say... How on earth did the designer interface get even MORE white and brighter than before?


I often spend 20-30 hours inside of this product. I would LOVE to have an option to adjust the display to a darker interface. I am aware of the ability to change the canvas background. What about an option to change the entire application's color scheme?


The product is amazing.. We all know that. But please give us more customizations as developers!



11 - Bolide

there's an improvement request for a dark mode, but its been there for years..

13 - Pulsar
13 - Pulsar

Feel free to show your support for dark mode by liking and commenting on this idea! The post has seen increased activity lately and even has a recent comment from Designer's project manager at Alteryx :)

8 - Asteroid

At the very least changing the tool ribbon area back to navy blue would be a step in the right direction! Having that color prior to Alteryx 2022.XX was great and it works with past and current company branding. Between that and existing options to change canvas settings I think that would satisfy a lot of Designer users, and it wouldn't be any more difficult than rolling back the UI's color.

Alteryx Alumni (Retired)

Hi @alexg1 


You can use these settings for now until dark mode is released...




Hope this helps..

7 - Meteor

HI All - In case you weren't aware dark mode is out in beta.  Posted on how to get "full dark mode"