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Can i update my original file with multiple tabs in Alteryx to just update one tab

5 - Atom

Hi I am completely new to Alteryx so please bear with me. I have one file with a table that needs to be mapped to some unique IDs, this file 1 also has multiple tabs which will need to be used for some analyses like interest, dividends, PNL, and so on so ultimately they need to be retained, even though for alteryx purposes the other tabs would not be used. For file 2 I have a Mapping which identifies accounts in file 1 TB to unique IDs that I will later use in my analyses. 


To get the TB mapped - I used input data from file 1 and file 2 and used a "find and replace" operator to map the TB; however, when i map this and output the data - I get a single file with a single tab - the original TB mapped with a new column to the right which shows the Unique IDs from File 2. Mission accomplished for mapping but now I've lost all my original file 1 extra tabs. 


Also, this process would get repeated for multiple file 1's. So Instead of doing input filepath for just one file, I did a filepath by using *.xlsx so Alteryx could import multiple TBs at one time. So, I would like to learn how to update each file 1's TB tab rather than have 1 huge output with every TB mapped in one file. 


I hope this makes sense. Please help if you have suggestions. 


14 - Magnetar

Hi, it is a little bit complex to understand what you are trying to achieve without seeing the actual workflow and the input/output files. I am guessing you want to add a new tab to and existing file, without losing all the other tabs already in it. You can do this, make sure to have the option Overwrite sheet or range on the output data tool.




Hi @elninocatracho


@gabrielvilella has made a great suggestion here.


To add to that, I've attached a zipped folder containing almost 10 different ways you can read and write to CSVs/Excels. This includes writing to multiple tabs within a spreadsheet which sounds like it may be of interest. Bear in mind the different output options you have, depending on what you're looking to do, you may need to Overwrite or Append. Feel free to shoot any questions over once you get a chance to look through!

Chris Clark
Alteryx Solutions Engineer